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Coming to Steam Early Access on 4/28


Navigate the war-torn lands of an alternate history Heian period Japan in this FTL-style roguelike, making tough choices in randomized events, fighting off a dangerous yokai army in tactical turn-based combat, and recruiting powerful allies to defeat the bloodthirsty sorceress Takiyasha, all rendered in the beautiful ukiyo-e art style.


  • Tactical Combat – Battle human and yokai enemies in tactical, turn-based combat.
  • Randomized Events – Travel Heian-era Japan triggering events from an enormous library of possibilities, choices, and outcomes – making each playthrough unique.
  • Permadeath – Make tough decisions that matter, because there are no second chances.
  • Unique Allies  – Recruit and level up farmers, monks, poets, ninjas, and many more – each with their own unique abilities.
  • Powerful Items – Collect a variety weapons and charms.
  • Unlocks – Unlock new leaders, warriors, weapons, and charms through achievements spanning both individual and total playthroughs.
  • History and Folklore – Assume the role of personages like samurai Minamoto Yoshiie, the powerful warrior monk Benkei, and The Tale of Genji author Murasaki Shikibu while navigating ukiyo-e inspired hand-drawn landscapes.


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As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!